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March 29 – 31, 2010 – Barrie, Ontario February 26, 2010

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This conference is to inform our organization about what working and what is not working in terms of programming when reintegrating youth in conflict with the law back into the society. We also will explore how the arts can be use as a tool of resiliency for outreach, appeal and referrals. The conference will also address the role of both informal and formal education along with other social services provided by institutions, community organizations and groups. Finally, one of the workshops will focus on females youth in conflict with the law so that our organization will be better equip to develop a gender specific program for future program.

 Goal of the Mobilize Barrie Conference

The specific goal of the conference is to bring partners/stakeholders together to evaluate problems and identify solutions based on what is currently working in Canada well as what has been recommended but not yet attempted, in order to plan, develop and implement new future program targeting youth that are in conflict with the criminal justice system.

Conference Location:  Dorian Parker Community Centre, 227 Sunnidale Road and Wellington, Barrie, Ontario L4M 4S8.

The Conference is organized by a grass-roots group of community members from the Barrie area in cooperation with African Food Basket, a food security organization whose groundbreaking work with youth across Ontario has addressed leadership of youth on many issues related to gangs, guns and drugs around civic engagement.

The conference will open with a welcome message from the City of Barrie by R. Quammie Williams, Director of Culture and will feature a keynote address by Lew Golding, Manager SAPACCY, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health focusing on Best Practices in communities working with youth engage with guns, gangs and drugs. Other conference presentations include: Rai Reece – York University PhD Candidate (ABD) School of Women’s Studies, and Women’s Prison Worker; Ato Seitu, Executive Director, SIX AH WI Artist’s Collective, and representatives of Barrie’s Native community who will present the Native Youths’ perspective. Youth, Police, Probation Officers, Public Health Department, City of Barrie, Native Community organizations, Educational institutions – particularly middle school, secondary and post secondary, local community organizations-including churches that operate youth programs, BIA or Chamber of Commerce and local political leaders will be invited to attend this conference and to participate in the discussions.

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